Hello and welcome to my website. Thanks for stopping by! This is my personal finance blog and I created it because I want to share information and tips that I have learned on my financial journey.

My goal with this blog is to take the right actions to become financially free. I always regarded myself as pretty good with money. I created budgets and I saved but I know now that the financial goals I set for myself were not big enough.

Becoming Financially Free

I am on a mission to become financially free. Many of you will have experienced some major disruptions to your financial plans, I did too and I will discuss them in forthcoming blog posts.

Financial freedom means that you can maintain your desired lifestyle without a monthly salary or pay cheque! It’s a big goal and I wished that I’d thought of it sooner.

It is only when you change your money mindset that you realise that you can create a much bigger life for yourself and truly thrive!

I have enjoyed my time as as business owner, I founded a Content Marketing Agency in 2010  but I still feel that I have much more to learn before I can consider myself a master of money. I want to share my journey with you in the hope that it helps you too.

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