Boost Your Income With a Temporary Christmas Job _ 4 Examples

Boost Your Income With a Temporary Christmas Job : 4 Examples

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If you have spent any time researching ‘making money online’ as I have for this website, you will soon realise that there are lots of articles and videos pointing you towards websites that help you make money. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but when you dig a little deeper you soon find that the opportunity isn’t as appealing as it often presented in videos on YouTube. Let me give you just a couple of examples; survey sites that inform that you are not eligible only after you have been through 50 minutes of screening questions or user testing websites where you are competing with a large online community to be picked for one of the few tests that are available each week.

In this post I want to take an old school approach to boosting your income by concentrating on Christmas seasonal jobs rather than anything online. The reason I am focusing on Christmas seasonal jobs is because many people with money concerns have them because they simply do not earn enough money. Their challenges are not because they are compulsive spenders or cannot budget, it is because they need more monthly income.

The ‘Underemployment’ Trend

In the last ten years, an employment trend has emerged in the UK, this is the trend of underemployment. More adults are working part- time roles because they could not find suitable full time work.  Sports shop retail workers on zero hours contracts are just one example of this phenomenon. According to ONS data, ‘underemployment’ has actually got worse since 2008.  Many adults would be glad of a second job that would allow them to boost their income.

Temporary Christmas Jobs: Examples

In the run up to Christmas, there are always plenty of temporary Christmas jobs available if you know where to look. In the UK, websites including and will be helpful to you if you want to begin your search. Below I have listed 4 examples of temporary Christmas jobs that are currently available.

Temporary Sales Assistant

People are shopping more often because they need to buy presents for Christmas as well as food and other provisions.  Large department stores and supermarkets often need additional staff and many temporary positions do not require experience because training is provided.

Temporary Stock Replenishment (Shelf Stacker)

As a natural consequence of more people shopping more often the shelves and stock cupboards need to be re-filled more frequently and there will be jobs available in the Stock Replenishment team at many department stores and large supermarket stores.

Christmas Postal Worker

At Christmas-time, people send more letters, cards and parcels through the post than during other months creating new jobs for temporary postal workers. The roles available will require you to sort and deliver mail during the run up to Christmas.

Delivery Drivers

Not all Christmas mail is delivered by the Post Office, there will also be a requirement for additional delivery drivers for companies including Amazon. In addition, there are also a host of consumer food apps including Deliveroo, Just eat and Uber Eats that have a constant need for new drivers.

I hope you find this information about Christmas jobs useful. Have you applied for temporary Christmas role? Let me know in the comments section below.

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My aim with each blog post is to help you move to a better financial future. I believe that there is not enough financial education in the national curriculum and I intend to share anything helpful that I have learned along the way. I am by no means a financial expert. None of the information on this website constitutes financial advice and is provided as general information only.  This is my personal finance blog; my marketing blog is over here and I have been blogging there since 2010. I hope you have found this information useful. Thank you for reading.

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