Does Your Choice of Supermarket Matter?

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Groceries are a necessity for life but it must be remembered that not all supermarkets are created equal in terms of value for money.  Convenience is also an important factor when it comes to selecting a supermarket; you are more likely to shop at a supermarket that is easy for you to get to, particularly if you plan on going there on foot. If you are driving you’ll pick a supermarket with a car park over one that requires you to find an available parking meter.  This is an entirely natural way of choosing a supermarket and is to be expected. However, if you have financial goals to achieve you should recognise that your choice of supermarket is a huge opportunity to make regular savings and achieve your financial goals more quickly.

Supermarket Choice

Luckily for us we don’t have to guess which is the cheapest supermarket. Food retailer trade magazine, The Grocer regularly conducts secret shopper research to confirm where you should go to buy the cheapest groceries. According to their data, Aldi is the cheapest supermarket. When you click on the link in red text you will see that they have compared supermarkets for a range of everyday items and Aldi has come out on top because the basket of items wash cheapest there.

What Should you do?

If you have an Aldi near where you live, choose Aldi for your grocery shopping from now on.  If there is not an Aldi near you, choose Asda because Asda was number two on the list.  At the risk of sounding like a grocery shopping geek, when I made this change to my regular choice of  supermarket I was saving 30-40% on my regular items when compared to Tesco, for example. I did have to change my routine to make this change, I had to drive slightly further to visit the nearest Aldi but even when I factored the additional petrol cost, Aldi was still a clear winner. The change I made was not a big deal and amounted to an extra five minutes in the car.

In an earlier post on this blog I asked the question, Do you have the Right Money Mindset? Small behavioural changes like driving a bit further to a cheaper supermarket can create more abundance in your life. It is so simple to do and yet most people do not do it. Instead the continue to shop at the most conveniently located supermarket despite the fact that it costs them more. Which type of consumer do you want to be? A frugal one who is intentional about their purchasing decisions or someone who regularly spends more than they need to on groceries?

Have you changed your choice of supermarket to take advantage of lower prices? If so, what has the money that you saved allowed you to do? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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Have you got the Right Money Mindset?

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Does Your Choice of Supermarket Matter