Cryptocurrency Exchange: This is Why I Recommend DSX

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You can sign up to DSX here. This video is called,  Cryptocurrency Exchange: Why I Recommend DSX by Mike Pitt.

If you have read this post, Has the Cryptocurrency Bubble Burst? you will be aware of the inherent volatility within cryptocurrency markets and also the tremendous investment opportunity presented by them. Even though fortunes have already been made by some we are still very much in the early stages of crypocurrencies. In August, I took the opportunity to research and review a UK based cryptocurrency Exchange called DSX.  In this video*, I explain why I am happy to recommend DSX to those considering investing in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges all around the world. A quick review of, shows that Binance is the biggest when compared by trading volume. However, trading volume is not the only consideration when comparing Cryptocurrency Exchanges. The fees charged for transactions, deposits and withdrawals are also very important. The more transactions that you execute the more fees you have to pay. DSX has low fees compared to other exchanges that I have used. I speak about this and other considerations in the video.

* This video was first published on my YouTube channel and some of the written content was originally published on my marketing website. 

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DSX The Professional Crypto Exchange

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