Make Money By Being Part of a Focus Group

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If you need to make some extra cash every now and then, you should definitely consider being part of paid focus groups. A focus group is a qualitative in person market research session. Companies will often test new products or new product ideas with focus groups to collect consumer feedback. Normally you will be required to attend the venue where the focus group is taking place, then the moderator will lead you through the format of the session and introduce the new product or idea. Focus groups are great for you because you do not need to do any preparation and you are being paid to sit in a room and give your opinion.

How do Focus Groups Work?

Every focus group is not open to everyone, ultimately the research is being commissioned by a company or organisation that has a goal in mind. They will also have a specific target audience in mind; this will be the target audience for the new product or idea when it launched to the public. Each focus group will have a research brief; some will call for stay at home Mums, while others may require self-employed workers. In most cases, you will be required to give up to 90 minutes of your time and for this you will receive between £50-£200. That is pretty good considering all you have to do is give your opinion.

How do you Take Part?

Throughout the United Kingdom and in other countries there are specialist research companies that organise focus groups. I have been contacted by two companies that I will link to in the text. The first company is an American company based in New York called They are operational in New York, San Francisco and London. If you are interested in participating in their focus groups visit their website and sign up. You will then be emailed focus groups that you qualify for; they also conduct some one to one research interviews via phone.

Another company that organises focus groups is GS Qualitative Research. Their focus groups are usually held at central London locations. Please Google ‘focus group research in (your city)’ to find out the names of companies organising focus groups in your town or city. When you find them, sign up to their email list.

Once you have registered for a few focus group companies, you will begin receiving invitations for relevant groups. You will not be able to control when the events are scheduled, but if you are selected you will earn easy money.

Have you ever participated in a focus group? If so, how was the experience? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Make Money by Being Part of a Focus Group