Will Mount Gox Change the Price of Bitcoin?

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Mount Gox (Mt.Gox)

This is the story of Mount Gox, one of the earliest Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Mount Gox  was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2010 by Mark Karpelès and at one stage it was handling 80% of all worldwide Bitcoin transactions. Unfortunately in 2014 Mount Gox was forced to close its website down because it had been hacked and 800,000 Bitcoins had been stolen.

However, after a protracted legal battle with Japanese authorities that lasted nine years and many attempts to recover Bitcoins on behalf of his customers Karpelès is now able to offer 10,000 Mount Gox customers a refund in Bitcoin. As you imagine Bitcoin has increased in price a lot since 2014.

Please watch the video to discover the full story and the likely impact that Mount Gox refunds will have on the price of Bitcoin.

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