How to Make Money Selling Your Hair

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Selling Your Hair

When I started this website never did I think that I would record a video and write an article telling my subscribers and community members how they can make money selling their hair!

The world is amazing and this opportunity is amazing too. Believe it or not, there is an opportunity to make up to $1500 USD (£1140.00 approx) by selling your own hair.

In this video,  I discuss two websites that enable you to do this. I should point out that not everyone will be able to make $1500, watch the video for full details.

How Does it Work?

The websites mentioned in the video are portals that bring together buyers and sellers of hair. In short, they act as marketplaces and facilitate business between the two groups. If you are interested in the opportunity, take time to explore the different types of hair available and how best to market your own hair. Pay special attention to the type of photos you should take to achieve the optimum price for your hair.

Next Steps

Does the idea of selling your own hair appeal to you? Have you heard of this opportunity before? Let me know in the comments section below. Also, get in touch if you would like my help. My email address is


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