What are the Benefits of Cashback Credit Cards

What are the Benefits of Cashback Credit Cards?

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Regular readers of this website will remember this post that I wrote. 4 Credit Cards to Repair Your Credit Score  .If you are planning to use credit cards strategically, you first need to set your objective. If your objective is to earn cash rewards instead of improving your credit score your choice credit cards would be very different.

Why Use Cashback Credit Cards?

Earn Rewards

If you pay for mandatory expenditure using a cashback credit card you have an opportunity to earn rewards that would not be available to you if you simply used a debit card. If you use this approach, you must remember to pay of the credit card balance in full each month otherwise the interest that you will have to pay may negate the value of any rewards earned.

Sign Up Bonuses

Many cashback credit cards have new customer sign up bonuses and exclusive shopping offers. Providing that you are disciplined with your spending, these could be good opportunties. Imagine a scenario where you can earn tangible items that you could sell for cash.


“Know thyself.” – Socrates. If you do not have the financial discipline to use cashback credit cards and remember to clear the balances each month – do not go near them. You could end up creating problems for yourself.

What are the Best Cashback Credit Cards in the United States?

To review some of the best performing cashback credit cards in the United States click here and remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Next Steps

Are you interested in cashback credit cards ? Do you have one already? Let me know in the comments section below. Also, get in touch if you would like my help. My email address is mike@learnmoney.io

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