How to get Paid Referring Friends for Jobs

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Extra Cash

Most of us would appreciate the chance to earn some extra cash but from my anecdotal research I know that few people seriously consider the opportunity to make extra cash by referring their friends for relevant jobs.

It’s not just a pipe dream, it can be your reality too. In this video, I discuss 2  websites that will enable you to do just that; you do not have to be a recruitment consultant to connect your friends with jobs to help them continue or improve their career.  The websites I discuss are just examples, there are many more offering similar incentives for helping companies to find the right staff. If you live outside of the countries I discuss in the video, do not lose heart because there are likely to be similar offers in your country too.

Referring Friends

In the video, the first website I discuss relates to the American employment market and then the second is relevant for the United Kingdom employment market.

Referring friends for relevant jobs can be a fairly lucrative activity because ultimately you will receive an amount equivalent to a percentage of the new employee’s salary without having to do a lot of work.  It can be an excellent way of generating extra cash.

How Does it Work?

In the video, I discuss specific websites that will enable you to earn extra cash by referring your friends for jobs. Usually your friend will have to be successful with their job application and to keep the job beyond the probation period for you to receive your money.

 Next Steps

Make a list of friends who are looking for work and arrange a time for you to discuss with them the possibility of you referring them for a job. When you have,  let me know in the comments section below.

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